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Don't let your commute ruin your day. Take control! CommuteSmart can help you find the best commute alternative for you. Whether it's carpooling or transit, we can steer you in the right direction.

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Divided Highway: A Documentary Film
About Highway 280

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Kerri Stratton

The wonder mom Kerri Stratton had been interested in vanpooling for awhile. She knew it would help her save money on gas and vehicle maintenance. She also knew her company might subsidize the van. In April of 2007, the time...

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Commuter Services

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1 Cost per mile include maintenance, insurance, et cetera. AAA reports the current average is .585 as of Dec. 2010.
2 Cost of vanpooling based on the CommuteSmart Vanpool Program Fare Schedule effective 2012. For more information visit the vanpool page.

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