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Average commuter wastes 34 hours per year in traffic and 28 gallons of fuel*.

Is your commute too long? Too expensive? Too stressful?

Take control!

CommuteSmart Montgomery can help you find an easier way to work. Whether it’s carpooling or vanpooling, we’re here to steer you in the right direction.

CommuteSmart offers free online ridematching, vanpool services, employer and commuter services and more. Let us help you get on the road to a better commute.

Don’t drive alone

More likely than not, you have a friend, relative or co-worker who lives and works near you. Not sure? Check out the CommuteSmart online ridematching database. Sharing the ride saves money, reduces wear and tear on your car, and lets you arrive at work feeling less stressed and ready to start the day.

Our online database uses a person’s home address, work address and work hours to match commuters willing to share their commute. Information is secure and will not be used for any other purpose. You’re not obligated to anything by signing up. Give it a try!

Is a vanpool for you?

Share the ride with a group and save even more! A commuter vanpool is a group of 7 to 15 people who ride to and from work each day in a comfortable passenger van. The cost of vanpooling varies from van to van, but the more riders you have, the less you pay! A CommuteSmart representative can provide information on existing vanpools and let you know if you are eligible for a vanpool subsidy.

Contact us today to get started on an easier, less expensive commute.

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*Texas Transportation Institute Urban Mobility Report 2010

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1 Cost per mile include maintenance, insurance, et cetera. AAA reports the current average is .585 as of Dec. 2010.
2 Cost of vanpooling based on the CommuteSmart Vanpool Program Fare Schedule effective April 1, 2008. For more information visit the vanpool page.